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Recordings & Resources Available

The first-ever WinterBound event was a jam-packed day of HubSpot education. If you weren't able to join us in person, you're in luck!

You can now access all course recordings & materials from February 2023's event amounting to 21 different lessons across 4 different learning tracks. 

*Those who purchased 2023 WinterBound tickets will receive the recordings & resources for free. 


WinterBound's classes  & workshops were led by Pearagon team members, successful business leaders, and HubSpot experts! All classes were designed to help individuals gain a solid foundation in how HubSpot works, and how they'd likely use certain HubSpot tools as a leader, admin, or developer.

Access to:

  • 24 recorded lessons for Admins, Developers, and Leaders.
  • All Lesson slide decks, work pages, and resources



Brush up on Your HubSpot Administration Skills from HubSpot Experts:

Kyle Jepson 1-3
Carson 1-2
Davey Admin 1-3
John Dobson

Delve into the HubSpot Developer's World:

Wylie 1
Josh 1

Unlock the Best Kept Secrets from Leaders, for Leaders:

Dan Tyre
AJ Wilcox
AJ Wilcox (2)
Davey Warren


HubSpot is the  #1 ranked CRM platform worldwide. Learn how to use it!

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